Anthropology | 09.08.16

Colonizing the Disciplines

In this extract from Decolonizing Methodologies, Linda Tuhiwai Smith talks racism and the colonisation of the disciplines, highlighting the vital importance of academic freedom

Sociology | 09.08.16

Telling Truth Through Fiction

In this chapter from Revolution, Rebellion and Resistance the author Eric Selbin looks at narrative, storytelling and history, and how they help resistance movements across the world create meaning for struggle

Africa | 26.07.16

School Among the Baobabs

In this extract from Thank You Madagascar: The Conservation Diaries of Alison Jolly, Jolly recounts David Attenborough visiting Madagascar, and her time in the ‘school among the baobabs’

Economics | 25.09.15

Back to Uni Reading List: Economics

As part of our ‘Back To Uni half-price sale’ this week, we’ve put together a few reading lists of our highlights over the last year if you just can’t pick (we know, you want them all).  

Education | 14.04.15

A Reading List: The University is (Not) a Factory

As Britain enters election fever ahead of going to the polls on May 7th, students in London have been laying out their own visions for the future, occupying campuses across the city with a range of demands for a more equitable education system. Following on from the huge student protests of late 2010, this recent wave of occupations focuses not just on the hike in tuition fees but also on wider calls for free education, better working conditions for university staff and more democracy in setting the curriculum  

Environment | 07.10.14

A Different Class

“The world has changed, the syllabus hasn’t – is it time to do something about it?” Following the example of the Post-Crash Economics Society in Manchester, we presenta reading list for a new economic reality