Americas | 15.07.18

The Rise and Fall of Detroit

‘Motor City’ went from being a vision of the new United States to a place of severe poverty and urban decay. Why does it matter for the industrialized world?

Africa | 14.07.18

Motors of Social Change

Sprawling cities bring their own transportation needs. Where options can be limited, can these needs also bring the ability for social and economic change?


A Blueprint for African Tyrants

Hissene Habré was the first former African head of state to be tried before a court in an African country. What can the trial’s success teach us about the future of the international legal framework, and what is the precedent for other human rights abuses on the continent?

Economics | 27.02.18

Rays of Light amid the Gloom

The dysfunctional land market is the root cause of the housing affordability crisis. While policy makers are starting to face up to the big questions around land reform, there is little progress on the dangerous interaction between land and finance.

Development | 21.02.18

The Banality of Certainty

What is the logic of ‘Value for Money’ in development sector, and could it force foreign aid agencies to choose between irrelevance and subterfuge?


Sex at the Margins Ten Years On

Ten years on from the publication of Sex at the Margins, Laura Agustín argues that the Rescue Industry – the moral missions to save all women from selling sex – has grown and proliferated in ways that could never have been imagined, and there is till a refusal to listen to what women say.

Culture and Media | 04.12.17

The Aftermath of Charlie Hebdo

‘Charlie Hebdo’ took shape because forms of ventriloquism and projection were inevitable in a context where a tiny proportion of participants in the communicative event had any relationship with Charlie Hebdo as an actual publication.

Zed | 05.10.17

We are XL

Ladies, gentleman and non-binary folks around the world, on the occasion of our 40th year in publishing, we present our S/S 2018 catalogue.

Asia | 05.10.17

From Military Dictatorship to Democracy

The author of Pathways that Changed Myanmar says it’s no coincidence that the end of military rule has seen the dawn of a new pathology of cultural violence in the country.

Zed | 18.09.17

Back to Uni Reading List

Sometimes your reading lists just don’t cut it. The same orthodox economists, the same pale, stale voices all leaving you trapped, bored and uninspired. Zed’s proud to announce 50% off selected books in its Back to Uni Reading List. Check out the selection below.

Asia | 08.09.17

Our Race Will be Eliminated

Why, in the changing landscape of Myanmar, have there emerged actors so fierce that they seek to kill off whatever threat to their religion lurks amidst them?

History | 04.09.17

The Radical Experiment Crushed by Stalin

The Georgian Revolution, which lasted for three short years (1918-1921) before it was brutally crushed on the orders of Stalin, was a footnote to history. And not just a footnote, but a forgotten one. Here Eric Lee tells us why it matters today.

Zed | 29.08.17

Top 10 (End of) Summer Reads

Check out our top ten (end of) summer reads and equip yourself with a more detailed understanding of what to expect from the world this coming Autumn.

Gender, Sexualities and Queer Identities | 22.08.17

Being Queer in North Korea

Queer Asia | Essay Prize, Winner | Imagine studying queers in a country where homosexuals are charged not with sodomy but with “falling into capitalism”, where cuddling and groping a same-sex soldier in the cold is not same-sex intimacy but “revolutionary comradeship”. How should we study queerness when it’s invisible?

Race and Indigenous Politics | 21.08.17

By Any Means Necessary

An emerging Black middle class and political representation cannot change the nature of a racist society. Even a Black man in the White house could do nothing to reverse the tide of racial oppression. – Kehinde Andrews talks Black Radicalism.

Current Affairs | 07.08.17

Employing the Enemy

Did you know that there are thousands of Palestinian men, women and children working on illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, on land that was once theirs?