Philosophy | 14.08.18

Ordinary Individual vs Protesting Crowd

Mohamed Bouazizi’s suicide in Tunisia is widely regarded as the spark that set off the “Arab Spring”. Whatever the revolutionary or anti-establishment intentions, what it spurred on raises profound questions about the nature of contemporary political protest.

Africa | 14.07.18

Motors of Social Change

Sprawling cities bring their own transportation needs. Where options can be limited, can these needs also bring the ability for social and economic change?

Americas | 17.07.18

The Rise and Fall of Detroit

‘Motor City’ went from being a vision of the new United States to a place of severe poverty and urban decay. Why does it matter for the industrialized world?

Development | 21.02.18

The Banality of Certainty

What is the logic of ‘Value for Money’ in development sector, and could it force foreign aid agencies to choose between irrelevance and subterfuge?

Environment | 23.09.16

Sacred Cow or Sacred Car?

In this extract from Soil, Not Oil, Vandana Shiva questions the long-term environmental and economic impact of India’s burgeoning love affair with the motorcar